The Circle of Life!

We bought this T-shirt two years ago when Magic Kingdom was celebrating it’s 45th birthday. I’m 45 now and wearing it with pride! I traveled here from my home country Belgium for the first time in 1982 when Magic Kingdom was still celebrating it’s 10th anniversary. (If I can find the tencennial T-shirt I’ll post a picture of it.) The experience changed my life. My parents kept taking me back here year after year, I picked up drawing and later, after seeing what Disney CEO Michael Eisner was creating with world renowned architects all over Disney World, I decided to become an architect. After making an in depth study of the Disney Resorts architecture, especially Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort, I introduced the style on the Belgian coast with great success. Soon, I took my girlfriend to Disney World and she became my fiancé. We went on a Disney Cruise for our honeymoon and a few years later we brought our two boys. After several trips, we finally decided to move permanently to the Disney built town of Celebration just South of Walt Disney World. We now get to enjoy living in one of the best planned communities in the world and visiting Disney World parks and resorts whenever we feel like it, on a Sunday afternoon for an ice cream or after school for a quick ride on one of our favorite attractions or just to wander it the park, the way Walt Disney intended it when he first designed Disneyland in California. Did you know that, following the success of Disneyland, Walt Disney had planned a utopian city for the 28,000 acres of Central Florida land he had assembled just before his death in 1966?

Life's short, move now!